Anticipate Golf Destination Suitability

You have probably read your Golf Travel Sun Sign already. It is the first of two basic services free for your enjoyment. The other is a Sun Sign Statehood list that shows cities, states, and countries that share your static Sun Sign and, in a long term general way, are considered compatible places to live. However, your exact birth time, date, and place, when applied to any given window of time at any specific location, amplifies your static Sun Sign to dynamic data for anticipating golf destination suitability … seriously.

Golf Travel Location Astrology Tools Infographic

Choose now and click one of the above Golf Travel Location Astrology Tools for specific details.

GPS-1 Instant Golf Destination Reports GPS-2 Golf Destination Analysis for You GPS-3 Detailed Golf Travel Consultation

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“Millionaires don’t
have astrologers,
…billionaires do.”

J.P. Morgan

Tour Pros & Competitive Golfers

Three GPS Location Astrology Tools

Choose the tool that suits your needs right now. The typical procedure for avid golf travelers is to use GPS-1 for Preliminary surveys to shortlist destinations, GPS-2 to qualify Proposed destinations, and GPS-3 for detailed live consultation for Planned destinations.

  • GPS-1 offers quick golf destination suitability reports based on our GPS Location Astrology for your individual birthplace, date, and time; emailed to your inbox to provide immediate value in long-term golf travel planning. Order your fast, inexpensive, perennial Golfstrology Preliminary Site Reports now for one or more global golf destinations.
  • GPS-2 is a thorough, time-sensitive, golf destination research tool unique to your birth data and current objectives, custom analyzed by one of the world’s leading Location Astrologers, and rated for you on a scale of one to ten. Due to required research and study time, Golfstrology Proposed Site Ratings for one or more golf destinations and windows of time, can take up to 12 hours to reach your inbox.
  • GPS-3 comprises the same detailed research and analysis as GPS-2, plus twenty minutes of Skype or phone consultation with Chief Astrology Officer, Barry D. Cowger, and lets you interact with specific questions. This more advanced Golfstrology Planned Site Dialogue is most practical for serious amateurs and tour professionals, who demand the competitive advantage of anticipating the intangibles of how a scheduled golf destination is likely to affect them during an event time window.



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