Are You Juggling Logistics or Scheduling a Strategy?

The Best Way to Play Smart…
…is to Plan Smart

How Helpful Would It Be to see how you are likely to feel and react regarding the intangibles for an event location and time window?

  • The greens aren’t always the same.
  • The weather isn’t always the same.
  • The astrological influences aren’t always the same.

You can be ready for what the greens and weather throw at you, and you can know what to anticipate emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Anticipating Intangibles is a Competitive Edge.

Course Management Begins at Home

It begins before the practice rounds and pro-am, or at least it should. Because ideally, course management begins before you commit and submit an entry fee.

Scheduling a strategy means gathering more data than ever before and researching your required 15 events, the inevitable ones that may seem like no-brainers.

Even if majors and obligations total all 15, just because they are etched in stone is no justification for giving up competitive edge by ignoring the intangibles.

Beyond Your Required 15.

Balance of the Season

Beyond the obligatory 15 required events, you will learn what to anticipate every week for each possible venue on the coming season’s event lists.

The process is conveniently streamlined to rank each event week and location against your individual birthplace, date, and time using our Proposed Site Analysis 1-10 scoring system. This quickly enables you to begin shortlisting event locations that score best for you individually.

Then you have the option of digging deeper in a Planned Site Dialogue consultation to learn what specifically caused the scoring on particular event locations, so you understand why they scored high, neutral, or low.

Fate is an Excuse for Being Uninformed.

There Are No Silver Bullets in Golf

Some notable players have relegated their legendary meltdowns to fate, and who would argue?

We would argue. Because choosing to remain uninformed hardly qualifies as fate.

This is not to imply that our GPS Location Astrology is some kind of silver bullet. But, it does inform you and give you the opportunity to prepare for what otherwise might blindside you.

Is it fate if a player slaps it around 38 times with a flat stick while choosing not to read the greens?

Players and pundits alike would probably call it something else.

A Safe Bet

It’s a safe bet that Faldo, Miller, and McChord would find some term other than fate to characterize a player that chooses not to read greens.

Then again, these pundits that banter for a living now might be beside themselves jabbering about their preconceived, newspaper-column notions regarding astrology.

So our promise to you is the same promise we extend to every Tour Professional, celebrity, and serious amateur competitor, complete confidentiality guaranteed.


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Effective course management begins before leaving home by anticipating your mental and emotional state for an event location and time window.

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