Aquarius Golf Trip Planning

Aquarius Golf Travel


The Water Bearer


Aquarius Golf Travel

  • As you explore the world, Aquarius golf traveler, you stand to enhance your fortitude and novel thinking by choosing your destinations and timing judiciously.
  • Considering that you already possess an extra scoop of fortitude and novel thinking, being in the wrong place at the wrong time unknowingly can diminish your natural advantage. However, in the case of having to adhere to a tour schedule, researching your predisposition to influences in set destinations affords you an opportunity to prepare and to some extent neutralize the effects of less than favorable influences.
  • Your conservative rock-steady temperament and your pit bull perseverance, combined with your uncanny ability to think outside the box, make it a real challenge for others to keep up. Your staying power and mental toughness are well-suited to staying focused throughout not only a round, but also during four days of tournament golf.
  • Being an Air sign, Aquarius golfer, you tend to travel well, so seeking out your optimum golf locations around the globe is likely to evoke the thrill of discovery in you. This innate travel affinity tends to give you a competitive advantage over those who dislike or merely tolerate travel as part of the job in career golf.
  • One of the unique travel gifts in your makeup is a capacity for learning while you are at locations that have less than favorable influences for you. In addition to building on your experience, rest assured that you can and should trust your instinct to pull away from the pack and leap-frog the competition when you sense the timing is right. This of course will come easier to you when you are competing at a destination that ranks high in compatibility with you.
  • When you have done your homework and you know you are at a golf destination with influences conducive to your best interests, it is advisable for you to experiment and gain confidence in the process of experimentation. Not so much in ball striking but in course management and mindset—so you will become inclined to trust you urges to experiment even when indications are that destination influences are not in your best interests.
  • The good news, Aquarius golf traveler, is that you can anticipate which destinations are in your best interest.

Aquarius Golfer

  • Aquarius golfers are not all gregarious schmoozer types, but if you happen to fit the friendlier end of the personality spectrum, you are likely to bring out the best in other aspiring golfers whose love of golf helps create a better community around you. And, you would tend to value this line or development nearly as importantly as you value the game itself.
  • If you are more of a disciplined and calculating Aquarius personality, then you may be attracted to more of an independent line of development needing quite a bit of your own “space” to hone your skills and unique style of play.
  • Strangely enough, the overall thrust of Aquarius’ development is in your ability to range widely within any and all extremes, from the highly sociable golfer to the “lone wolf”. In the last analysis, one style is not any better than another in terms of how the Aquarius develops and learns. This is also true of the different schools of thought or swing technique in golf.
  • Aquarius golfer, you can gain from any and all of them, or ignore them, and come up with your own hybrid approach. Just remember that understanding where you are on the personality spectrum and knowing your golf goals are essential elements in determining destination characteristics for you as an individual.
  • Understand, Aquarius golfer, that anticipating individual destination influences that are in your best interest is at your command if you so choose.

Aquarius Golfer Strengths

  • Reserved
  • A good friend/friendly
  • Anything unusual
  • Mental toughness
  • Novel approaches and executions
  • Original
  • Quick learner
  • Gifted

Aquarius Golfer Red Flags

  • Erratic
  • Scatterbrained
  • Different for its own sake
  • Distant
  • Crack pot
  • Exempt from accepted standards
  • Too weird
  • Marginal

Aquarius Planet Line Allies

  • Saturn Lines
  • Uranus Lines (depending)

Aquarius Planet Line Enemies

  • Neptune Lines
  • Pluto Lines