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The Ram

Aries Golf Travel

  • As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries golfer, it is critical that all things first or new hold a special significance for you. This can include teeing off on the first hole, the initial takeaway of your golf swing, the first time you see a new golf course, or incorporating new methodology in your swing.
  • You can even look at your pre-round rituals in this light. Pre-game rituals that some might even call superstitions are to be embraced by you, Aries golfer, to get your psyche on the right track before you warm up or step onto the first tee.
  • Since you represent the human experience of discovery, it’s also important that these rituals change and evolve as you do. Self-discovery happens anywhere, anytime and under any circumstance. Thinking about your pre-game rituals and experimenting with what works best for you is a good idea and makes good psychological sense because Aries is always moving forward and learning, whether you realize it at that moment or not.
  • You need to feel the “juice” that a challenge presents, the love of self-discovery a venue can offer, and the thrill of competition. When you don’t feel these things at a given location, you’re unlikely to spark your inspiration or fulfill your potential.
  • Lacking the “juice” of challenge, self-discovery, and ambiance, makes you feel like a Ferrari craving speed and thrills, but relegated to city streets. You’re just not made for that. You need the challenge of an interesting layout that captures your imagination. However, that in itself is not enough.
  • Your Aries psyche is born to run, pedal to the metal, and not intermittently but on a regular basis.
  • You play your best when not only the course invites self-discovery, but also when the culture and community have you hitting on all cylinders.
  • Fortunately, compatible culture and community golf destination influences can be anticipated.

 Aries Golfer

  • Energy management is essential for your golf skill set, Aries. Four hours and eighteen holes is as much about pacing as it is about performing.
  • Managing your physical, emotional, and mental resources over the course of a round can be overwhelmed by the need to keep the pedal to the metal. But even in NASCAR and Formula 1, where they keep the pedal to the metal, they still schedule pit stops and tire changes.
  • Since Aries is susceptible to ignoring energy management, the wise Aries will involve his or her golf coach in the process of developing skills and techniques that help to sustain energy and focus throughout eighteen holes and four days of competition.
  • Work with your coach on integrating an energy management routine that will deliver a steady burn and willful concentration, shot by shot and day by day.
  • Aries golfer, you’ll always perform best when you feel that you have the freedom and courage to play your own game answering only to your own judgment. Even if it turns out that others question your judgment, it is an integral part of your development as a golfer to discover things for yourself.
  • You, Aries, in terms of your own development as a golfer, must remember what not to do, once you know it from your own experience. Instead of focusing on winning tournaments, place your emphasis on achieving personal bests. And personal bests are less a result of great golf shots than they are a process of gradually eliminating bad golf shots. The school of hard knocks and stupid mistakes is something Aries must experience.
  • Managing consistent energy levels nurtures consistent shot-making, self esteem, and good character development. Assimilating such behavior and performance modification can be expedited using our GPS location specific data to physical, mental, or emotional learning priorities.

Aries Golfer Strengths

  • Decisive
  • Present in the now
  • Courageous, willing to lead
  • Pioneer in technique, skill or style
  • Takes calculated risks
  • Trusts what feels right
  • A born front-runner
  • Protective

Aries Golfer Red Flags

  • Combative
  • Abrasive
  • High blood pressure
  • Consistently losing friendships and alliances, burns bridges
  • Loss of perspective in competitive environment
  • No awareness of consequences of some actions/words
  • Errors beyond one’s skill/experience level
  • Loss of etiquette

Aries Planet Line Allies

  • Mars Lines

Aries Planet Line Enemies

  • Saturn Lines
  • Neptune Lines