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Cancer Golf Travel

  • Cancer, wherever in the world your golf travel takes you, success will prevail in direct proportion to your emotional and creative fulfillment. Your emotions and creativity are at the core of your performance capabilities.
  • What drives your golf game and everything else in your life is the gratification you feel, whether it is purely controlling your golf ball, engaging in a creative pursuit, or finding your favorite comfort food. Without raw emotion and a sense of satisfaction from creativity, it can become hard for you to stay focused and persist.
  • Emotions are your lifeblood, Cancer. They underlie everything. So, when you plan golf travel locations, the key for you, Cancer golfer, is how much positive emotion you are likely to experience there.
  • Thankfully, it is possible to anticipate the likelihood of positive emotion. Activating this emotional force with increased awareness of its ebb and flow in the body empowers you to harness this emotional power.
  • The feeling is one of containment, like a glass holding water. “Like water, my friend,” Bruce Lee described this power. And it’s a special power to which Cancer has access.
  • Predetermining a location that evokes this feeling is what you’re seeking in order to harness your emotional power in your golf game. Not all places do this for you, and failing to seek them out in advance places your fate in the luck of the draw.

Cancer Golfer

  • Emotional management is the indispensable requisite for you, Cancer golfer. It’s one thing to feel your emotions begin to build, like watching a smooth wave bulge toward a shoreline. But, it’s another thing to harness and manage that power, like a surfer does for the emotional thrill of it. The bigger the wave the bigger the thrill, if the surfer has the management skill to harness it’s power or size.
  • It’s the same with your golf game, in terms of the emotions that any location, any golf course, or any playing situations inspire in you. Harnessing and managing your emotions is the ‘make or break’ factor most likely to influence your golf game and career.
  • Continuing the wave analogy, it’s essential to know the nature of the water in any place, time, and circumstance. A calm trickle isn’t so demanding. An inner hurricane with 12-foot swells of emotion over a 12-foot putt for all the marbles is something else.
  • If you are a competitive Cancer golfer, it is imperative that you get into position to win and experience this constructive raw emotion so you learn how to channel and manage your feelings. It’s a tricky dynamic, that sports psychologists call ‘learning to win.’ So, for best results, plan your golf travel around destinations that befriend and nurture the power and value of your emotions.

Cancer Golfer Strengths

  • Instinct (“It just feels right”)
  • Protecting the value that all emotions bring to you
  • Vivid imagination or “seeing it”
  • Calculated risks
  • WYSIWYG (emotional honesty)
  • Self-trust
  • Continually moving forward
  • The value of golf’s long history, great games and players

Cancer Golfer Red Flags

  • Fears, real or imagined, that are not seen through
  • Not moving forward
  • Avoiding nearly all risk
  • Too conservative
  • Fear of success/failure/mediocrity (staying safe)
  • Not going with your strong gut feelings

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  • Venus Lines

Cancer Planet Line Enemies

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  • Saturn Lines
  • Pluto Lines