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Capricorn Golf Travel


The Sea Goat

Capricorn Golf Travel

  • Capricorn golf traveler, you are strategic in nearly everything you do and you’ll fare best by taking care to strategize your golf travel planning and competition itineraries with respect to location influences. When you want something, you devise a strategy to get it and the degree to which you are successful depends largely on the effectiveness of your strategies.
  • For you, a strategy usually involves such things as timing, responsibility, thoughtfulness, and perseverance. And you equate achievement of your strategy goal with success. If you are as clever as you believe you are, Capricorn golfer, you will include location travel planning in your strategy development because being in a propitious location goes a long way toward governing your ability to envision your strategies and implement them with desired outcomes.
  • Since there are methods to anticipate location influences, it would be a disservice to your thorough and strategic nature to ignore them. Mapping your location and venue influences should be integral to your comprehensive strategy because it allows you to get an overall big picture, “lay of the land” viewpoint, within the context of the time it will take to achieve your goal. Once you have all of the pieces on your chessboard, you can begin formulating your strategy in the knowledge that you have not compromised or overlooked anything.
  • Failure to equip yourself with GPS location influence data yields your competitive advantage, especially to competitors that have equipped themselves where you have not. Your goat balance and surefootedness can take you step by step up near-vertical mountains and the key for you, Capricorn, is to not become so enamored of your ability to climb that you waste time on the wrong mountains. Use every tool at your disposal to purge poor haphazard choices from your strategy vocabulary. The results will speak for themselves.

Capricorn Golfer

  • For you, Capricorn golfer, being on the right golf course at the most opportune time is a mere extension of your travel strategy that involves 18 holes of real estate and four hours in a given window of time. The more deliberate you are in carefully determining your venues and timing in accordance with location dynamics that are specific to you, the more gratified and fulfilled you will be with the results.
  • Even when you cannot govern all of the venues and timing, as when on a tour schedule, knowing what to expect at each location is a huge advantage psychologically and tactically. While there may be days when you feel like just playing golf, these days tend to be rare for the Capricorn golfer. Your goal-driven need to ascend typically prompts you to plan for who you will be paired or grouped with on the golf course, or whether your objective d’ jour is to put up a low number, work on some aspect of your game, dial in club selection, or go to school on the greens.
  • As a career Capricorn golfer, you may well have an even longer list of strategy objectives for Tuesday or Pro-Am rounds. If you are a recreational golfer, you may be inclined to ponder your role during the ensuing round, and what you and others expect from each other, such as offering or seeking playing instruction, or ham and egging it with your partner to win a bet.
  • Given the confidence that comes with knowing you are in command of all the location knowledge and nobody is better prepared than you, if in fact you have your research in hand, you will be in the optimum frame of mind to fulfill your daily goals. If you fulfill your daily goals, the long-range goals will come that much easier, step by step up the mountain.

Capricorn Golfer Strengths

  • Methodical
  • Persevering
  • Thorough
  • Reserved, conservative
  • Immediately changes strategy (if not working)
  • Long-term thinking
  • Reliable
  • Indomitable

Capricorn Golfer Red Flags

  • Petty
  • Cruel
  • Curt
  • Unpleasant
  • Selfish
  • Dull
  • Rigid
  • Moralistic

Capricorn Planet Line Allies

  • Saturn Lines
  • Uranus Lines (depending)

Capricorn Planet Line Enemies

  • Uranus Lines (depending)
  • Neptune Lines
  • Pluto Lines