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Gemini Golf Travel

  • Gemini golfer, of all the places in the world to play golf, the last golf destination you want is where you become disinterred and bored. If it’s too routine or there aren’t enough challenges to test all parts of your game, boredom will sabotage your game in a New York second.
  • You do your best, Gemini, when you are moving from here to there. Travel alone can actually stimulate you, which is conducive to a career as a tour pro. It is a competitive advantage because travel can be a negative for others.
  • One thing you may already have learned is that certain golf courses bring out the best of your putting, while others reward your tee shots or short game. When fully understood which courses or destinations bring about which parts of your game, your golf travel planning becomes much more manageable, whether for tournament play or personal improvement.
  • Most of the work is on you, Gemini, to build your repertoire of experience in knowing which courses around the world contribute to which parts of your game. But, you will save time and energy early on by predetermining or narrowing down your options to destinations that are compatible for you.
  • This appeals to your inherently variable nature when you learn which parts of your game are emphasized at any given time at any given golf destination. You are not all things to all courses, Gemini, and therein lies the challenge that, along with travel, keeps you interested and growing as a golfer.

Gemini Golfer

  • Concentration is generally not one of your strengths, Gemini, and your development as a player requires that you work with a sports psychologist to devise ways for you to stay interested in a golf course itself.
  • If you identify shortcomings in a golf course that its developer overlooked or didn’t follow through on, it is likely that you’ll lose interest, start to feel disengaged, and at this point it’s not uncommon for Gemini to begin to do crazy things, just to keep interested. Others often view this behavior as losing it. It’s not about losing your mind, Gemini, it is more about saving your sanity from the jaws of boredom.
  • Unfortunately, it does not help your game. So, to prevent this, Gemini, you need tee shots in new places for approach shots that require new decisions. You need a landscape of sand traps and water hazards that are as different from what you are used to and from each other as they can be. You need a variety of bent and Bermuda greens of different sizes, speeds, and looks.
  • Changing variations that demand a diversity of shots is what you crave. And, since this is as much personal perception as it is course architecture, scheduling your golf travel to locations that support your perception can enhance your results. You also need to be particular about your playing partners, Gemini.
  • Articulate and well-informed people that rise to your level of repartee on the golf course, with stories and anecdotes, add interest and learning that greases your wheels and keeps you going. The important message for you, Gemini, is not what you are learning, but how you are learning.

Gemini Golfer Strengths

  • Ability to approach a problem from another angle
  • Adaptable to the current circumstance
  • Expressive, stylistically
  • A quick study
  • Novel, clever
  • Imaginative
  • Brilliant and ingenious
  • Ability to recover from serious mistakes

Gemini Golfer Red Flags

  • Too experimental
  • Fragile
  • Thinking it’s never good enough
  • Lacking routine or steady application of a method
  • Inefficient
  • The “dark side” of Gemini: moody and withdrawn
  • Learning it but not applying it
  • Changing your mind in the middle of a swing!

Gemini Planet Line Allies

  • Mercury Lines
  • Sun Lines

Gemini Planet Line Enemies

  • Neptune Lines
  • Jupiter Lines (sometimes not as negative)