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Libra Golf Travel

  • The essence of your golf travel, Libra golfer, is about immersing yourself in your human qualities by selecting to play and especially reside under favorable conditions. You need locations that allow you to function best in a steady sense of calm and peace, and provide enhanced awareness when you’re out of your element.
  • The point is to raise your awareness when you’re feeling out of sorts, when you’re frustrated, tired, irritated, impatient, or when you’re having any other negative experience. Libra, you have the tools to clearly know when you are having counterproductive moments, even in the midst of an emotional storm, which can be highly difficult. Yet you, Libra, are hard wired for just this kind of clarity in the heat of battle. It is what you were made for.
  • Should is not part of your vocabulary, especially when you are where you function best. Your strength is in accepting and knowing every feeling without judgment, even in the moment when a three-foot putt unbelievably misses the hole. You possess the uncanny ability to feel angry about it without falling apart.
  • This skill is indispensable in career golf when the pressure’s really on, when emotions and fate try to blow your big house down, because in spite of the tension, you hold true, and even make it through successfully.
  • One thing that can reinforce this calm in the middle of a storm is maturity, which is developed through experience.
  • The other thing is location. Discovering a location with a propensity for reinforcing your strengths is at the top of the list of priorities to follow.
  • Thankfully, you can anticipate locations that reinforce your strengths, because travel is inherently destabilizing and the more compatibly you can adjust to any new place the better for your golf and your life. You above all, Libra, ought to be based in a favorable location to give you momentum for negotiating tour stops that may be less than ideal locations for you.

Libra Golfer

  • Libra golfer, you may not agree with every feeling you are having, but it is in your best interest to accept all of your feelings, and to know that you have them. In a sense this is about management, Libra.
  • All kinds of communication lines are open to you, Libra, and you must learn how to manage them well in the midst of challenges or problems. So, there’s definitely an inner golf game going on within you. These feelings are important because they represent a relationship that you need to tune in to constantly.
  • They create a fluidity between you and any number of intuitions and reactions that you may have on the golf course. It is important to recognize and accept them.
  • What you don’t want is to be caught off guard, thrown for a loop, and lose all composure and decorum, causing your score to suffer.
  • It is natural for you, Libra golfer, to be influenced by the aesthetics of a golf course. If a track inspires your aesthetic sensibilities, it will help calm you. The strength and awareness of that relationship with your feelings will keep you on an even keel when others may have crashed and burned from the pressure. You should be glad that you can anticipate golf destinations that nurture your feelings and bring out your best.
  • It makes sense for you to pick your playing partners with care, Libra. They can have a greater effect on your game than you may care to admit. Not surprisingly, this is yet another dimension of the significance of relationships in you life.
  • When you open the inner fairways of your feelings and choose your external relationships as judiciously as possible, it should be fairways and greens all day or all week, because you’ll be doing what you are wired to do.

Libra Golfer Strengths

  • Open and accepting
  • Adept manager
  • The power of the inner relationship
  • The value of good outer relationships
  • Uncanny sense of timing/rhythm
  • A sincere helper/friend/mentor
  • Calm in a crisis

Libra Golfer Red Flags

  • Hesitant and indecisive
  • Insensitive
  • Too compromising
  • Inconsiderate or crass
  • Controlling
  • Overly seeking of approval
  • Vanity

Libra Planet Line Allies

  • Venus Lines
  • Saturn Lines (depending)
  • Neptune Lines

Libra Planet Line Enemies

  • Mars Lines
  • Pluto Lines