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Pisces Golf Travel

  • Pisces golf traveler, as you circumnavigate the world in search of gratifying golf experiences, the keyword you always want to remember is inspire.
  • Pisces is a water sign that has direct access to emotions. And golf destinations that evoke ideal experiences, or a degree of perfection, will inspire you to great things.
  • When great golf is one of your highest ideals, seek out locations that inspire you and you will be rewarded by achieving some or all of those ideals. You have Planet Allies, defined by positive location lines waiting for you to explore and discover.
  • You may have unknowingly discovered some already. But you are unique, Pisces golfer, and grasping the principle of geographic or locational advantage is essential. Being at the right place at the right time is like experiencing a mirror that both illuminates and projects itself onto the physical world.
  • Like mirrors, Pisces golfer, you are made whole by committing yourself to this purely passive, reflective but direct interaction with favorable influences. Other signs try to observe and understand by shining light on a perceived place or situation. However you, Pisces golf traveler, see what is revealed by means of reflection.
  • When you are inspired by that image, ambiance, location, and golf course, you are where you should be and if you do not experience this where you are based, it would be wise to consider either relocating or spending significant time where this inspiration can contribute to your success. Your reflective inspiration process is unique among Sun Signs and empowers you to reach your ideals by resonating when you are in a favorable location.
  • Sometimes you have to stand back a bit and not be so directly involved in choices, and opt instead to place more trust in your intuition. Your intuitive perceptions and feedback should never be discounted, especially when you are at a location that inspires you. It is your good fortune, Pisces golf traveler, that it is so easy to anticipate your favorable locations.

Pisces Golfer

  • Passive reflective inspiration is not always so easy to trust, Pisces golfer, because it lacks the energy and effort required of deliberative thinking and can seem undisciplined or out of control. It would be common for you to get caught up in what you think should inspire you, or what others expect you to be inspired about.
  • Like every other sign, Pisces, you have disillusionment or blind spots, but a dream or inspiration that is real is unstoppable. A dream or inspiration about your golf game, or how you are going to step into your vision, may often require some nitty-gritty, good old-fashioned hard labor. Like Hogan said, the answer is in the dirt. And the subtle nuances at every level of golf swing development are as grains of sand on a beach, seemingly infinite and subject to involuntary rearrangement.
  • While the inspiration is effortless in the right locations when you stay out of its way, be prepared to commit necessary time and self-discipline to escorting your vision to reality. If there is a shark in the room, it is that few Pisces can fully step into their dreams as easily as stepping in front of a mirror.
  • It bears repeating that there is no substitute for hard work.
  • Being in a location conducive to your trust and inspiration can expedite specific skill development, in implementing any laborious steps necessary for making an inspiration a practical reality. Visualization is a valuable skill in this regard and should be seriously cultivated, because “seeing things” is natural for your Pisces temperament.
  • Learn this well and allocate measurable time on a committed basis, and you will see a favorable impact on your game. Just like you will see a favorable impact by positioning yourself in a favorable location.

Pisces Golfer Strengths

  • Clear images
  • Inspired
  • Adaptable and flexible to situation
  • Receptive
  • Intuitive (of possible future events)
  • Able to relax
  • Calm in the storm

Pisces Golfer Red Flags

  • Easily overwhelmed by environment/people
  • Confused
  • Indecisive
  • Deceptive
  • Placid
  • Too sensitive to criticism
  • “Somewhere else”

Pisces Planet Line Allies

  • Jupiter Lines
  • Mercury Lines (depending)
  • Neptune Lines (depending)

Pisces Planet Line Enemies

  • Saturn Lines
  • Uranus Lines
  • Mars Lines