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Sagittarius Golf Traveler


The Archer


Sagittarius Golf Travel

  • Travel may already be in your blood, Sagittarius, whether for golf of otherwise. And this inclination for travel should make your quest for discovering your best golf destinations fun for you.
  • As your sign indicates, Sagittarius, you are all about tasking your arrow to hit a distant mark, and your equine legs are symbolic of traveling in pursuit of your arrow. Your free spirit loves the thrill of teaching and learning. For you they are one in the same. Being in the beauty of nature, such as on a golf course, is a blend of crafted Zen art and the perfection of nature itself.
  • This is why being on the right golf course is Heaven on earth for you and you get a sense of being in the right place at the right time. It can cause you to say, “oh yeah,” as all the intuitive sparks ignite and your intuitive arrows fly true to your vision.
  • As you probably know, a Fire sign requires focus for all the heat of your intuitive energy. Aires and Leo share this characteristic as well. Being ignited, however, is not enough. You need to channel your energy with proper discipline and methodical work in a process of trial-and-error that eventually yields less error.
  • This all becomes emphatically clear to you when you are in a location that supports this dynamic internal cycle. You may be pleased when you discover that you can anticipate such supportive locations. You no doubt can recall experiencing that undeniable intuitive “click” of knowing you are where you should be. When you are in a conducive location, you may be your own best teacher or you may be especially productive in working with a swing coach.

Sagittarius Golfer

  • When you learn which locations and courses offer you a competitive advantage, Sagittarius golfer, an unshakable sense of freedom and openness prevails, enveloped in quiet excitement when you are where you should be.
  • Nothing will eliminate the occasional bad day, but overall consistency improves when you are at a compatible destination. Finding compatible destinations is what it’s all about. The key for you on the course, Sagittarius, is to achieve freedom from thinking.
  • Thinking has its place on the practice tee and analyzing TrackMan stats, but otherwise for you, Sagittarius, thinking should remain in the background. The ideal balance for you is about 20 percent thinking and 80 percent freedom of intuition.
  • You may already have recognized when you’re having the ideal balance because it is a kind waking restfulness. In this state you never feel fatigued, and it’s not about “spacing out” either. It’s a deep connection with an undeniably unique sensibility of what it is to be a Sagittarius.
  • Without question, there is a part of Sagittarius that knows how to pure every shot, similar to how some can instantly tell you the sum of six four-digit numbers without being able to explain how they did it. This is the essence of “knowing beyond thinking” and it’s a target you cannot strive for, but is reachable all the same.
  • Perhaps, Sagittarius, you have always known and understood your esoterically unique faculties. If you have a pure love of golf, you will most surely discover many of them time and again with the gentle assist of remembering what you are reading right now.

Sagittarius Golfer Strengths

  • Intuitive Knowing
  • Belief in Self
  • Happy-go-Lucky
  • Beyond Thinking
  • Optimism “it could be worse”
  • Motivational
  • Courageous
  • Charismatic

Sagittarius Golfer Red Flags

  • Foolhardy
  • Over-Confident
  • Excessive
  • Foot-in-Mouth
  • “Problems? Who, me?”
  • Taking Advantage
  • Crass
  • Bridge-burner

Sagittarius Planet Line Allies

  • Jupiter Lines
  • Moon Lines
  • Neptune Lines (depending)

Sagittarius Planet Line Enemies

  • Saturn Lines
  • Mercury Lines (depending)
  • Neptune Lines (depending)