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Scorpio Golf Travel

  • Scorpio golf traveler, in your pursuit of golf nirvana at golf destinations worldwide, your best locations are where you can go deep, figuratively and on the leaderboard. That may seem obvious, but the back story is that in order to do this, in order to access your full capabilities you require locations where you experience a harmonic link from your inner emotional world to the environment around you.
  • The catalyst may be the golf course itself, or the relationships you form at such locations. Either way, it is about assimilating the tangible experience, the sense of power and concomitant transformation, when you merge with other sources of power, be they things or people that you desire.
  • It’s a high-powered cocktail that requires complete commitment to the location, team, person, or affiliation.
  • Your goal is to find locations where this kind of chemistry thrives. It is of course within your grasp to anticipate such location influences. So now that you know, it is on you if you opt for randomness over research.
  • Like nearly all Sun Signs, it is often easier to know when you are in a negative location than a positive one, although amateur golfers in general tend to blame themselves for everything, whereas, tour professionals typically place blame externally.
  • Knowledge of location influences is advantageous not only for golf travel planning but is equally critical for establishing your home base. Sure, tax implications may dictate where you register your business entity, but if you are not nurturing yourself and practicing under a supportive influence, you may not have any tax implications to enjoy.

Scorpio Golfer

  • You are a bit of a chemistry set, Scorpio golfer, and maybe you had such a set as a kid. You probably know, if you get the constituents just right, you may create rock candy. Get them wrong, you could risk burning the house down. Chemistry is not to be trifled with, and for you, Scorpio golfer, the same is true for location influences.
  • Your driving force in golf and in life is self-mastery through transformation. Golf appeals to your core values because growing and transforming is reflected in your scoring and winnings. When your scores are consistently lower, the gratification of self-mastery in progress reinforces your core values and elevates your already perceptive interest on the golf course.
  • More than usual,¬†Scorpio golfer, you will glean a great deal of information from a simple glimpse or a quick mental snapshot. Combined with your golf experience, this perceptive ability can accelerate your improvement if you just trust it. It’s the same process of trusting your coach applied to yourself.
  • Trusting yourself and being around mentors you trust can expedite your growth, self-mastery, and transformation, through osmosis. You can usually evolve very quickly by being around those you respect and trust. Trust encourages osmosis and becomes a veritable weapon in your arsenal because it is like a conduit to your inner landscape where real meaning exists and Scorpio victories occur.
  • Winning is one thing, but you are likely to ask how you grew and what you learned in the process. On the other hand, setbacks and defeats that sting badly need to be turned around and used. Only a fool would count you out, Scorpio golfer, because if your desire is there, you will come back from apparent oblivion. This is self-mastery in action.
  • Your trust and self-mastery flourish at golf destinations that are compatible with your temperament. You may find it interesting that compatible locations can be anticipated.

Scorpio Golfer Strengths

  • Tenacious
  • Intense
  • Determined
  • Strong-willed
  • Empowering to self and others
  • Loyal
  • Intuitive of the moment
  • Cunning

Scorpio Golfer Red Flags

  • Blinding revenge
  • Aggressive
  • Destructive of self or others
  • Secretive (closed)
  • Uncontrolled
  • Covetous
  • Calculating and manipulative

Scorpio Planet Line Allies

  • Mars Lines
  • Pluto Lines (depending)

Scorpio Planet Line Enemies

  • Saturn Lines
  • Uranus Lines
  • Neptune Lines (depending)