Taurus Golf Trip Planning

Taurus Golf Travel


The Bull

Taurus Golf Travel

  • Taurus, your golf trips to destinations around the world hold the most in store for you when a golf course and surrounding environs touch you as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. You need to feel that your senses are really engaged and inspired, and that your body consciousness is elevated.
  • In a location where you don’t feel these things you may find it difficult to get into your golf game and play like you know you can. Anything that helps you to develop a stronger and more solid relationship to your body and senses will only improve your golf.
  • Some get into yoga, others do fitness regularly, and stretching exercises can help you to play from your strength, your five physical senses and body consciousness. Your Taurus nature is wired to activate and strengthen how your body moves and the awareness of what it feels like when it does.
  • This awareness is exercised by getting in touch with how you walk, mark your ball, and execute your routine, as well as in how you swing and putt. You play your best golf when you become fully aware of your body and your senses and sensitive perceptions.
  • Fortunately for you, Taurus, golf destinations where your sensitivity will engage can be predetermined. It sounds simple enough. However the longer you play, your levels of awareness need to continually deepen in zones that help you develop and learn to experience your body as both ally and teacher.

Taurus Golfer

  • Staying power is tool number one for your golf skill set, Taurus. In the course of four hours and eighteen holes there are any number of distractions and diversions tempting you to get mental and the extent to which you are able to ward off these demons, the greater you will enjoy your golf and the better you will play.
  • Allowing mental distractions and excessive thinking to prevail smothers your senses and can take you out of your strong suit of body consciousness and deep awareness. Your staying power is enhanced by learning to recognize when you are likely to get into your head too much so you can have your game plan ready for a huge fork in the road.
  • One proven technique for you, Taurus golfer, is to use your eyes and sense of sight emphatically when you feel the fork in the road coming on. It is quite difficult to ruminate when your eyes are busy looking. Jim Densmore put it perfectly when he stated that the reality is out there where you can see it, not in your head.
  • Learning in advance which golf destinations cultivate your staying power is all the thinking you need to choose the sure and steady development fork as a golfer. This is almost meditation, getting in touch with the senses, but some lull too far into a false sense of calm and serene fairways, kind of zoning out or numbing out without noticing they’ve already left their bodies.
  • If you zone out, Taurus golfer, your game will suffer commensurately. It can take longer to snap out of such a state, until it’s too late. So, work with your coach on staying present and in your body to leave others burned out, rolled over and wondering where you got all that calm and steady strength.

Taurus Golfer Strengths

  • Body and senses as teachers
  • Quiet and Calm in the Storm
  • Sometimes the “Rock” to others
  • The sense (correctly) of something as opposed to pure numbers
  • Conservative play
  • Patience
  • Tenacious

Taurus Golfer Red Flags

  • Stubborn to the point of continuing on the same (wrong) path
  • Slow learner
  • Hanging on to previous levels of skill
  • Overdoing one school of thought or method
  • Not diversifying one’s skill sets
  • Being “in the groove” turns into being stuck in the same mud again
  • Limited imagination or approach in solving common pitfalls
  • Negative relationship to innovation and experiment

Taurus Planet Line Allies

  • Venus Lines
  • Neptune Lines (likely not quite as positive)

Taurus Planet Line Enemies

  • Mars Lines
  • Pluto Lines
  • Mercury Lines (sometimes not quite as negative)