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Virgo Golf Travel

  • Virgo, the best golf destinations for you throughout the world are where you feel settled about your golf game. It all begins for you by feeling comfortable, Virgo golfer, which only you can define because it is such an individual matter.
  • Often, it is easier to recognize when you are not in your comfort zone when something or someplace just doesn’t feel right, or when you seem to be unnecessarily preoccupied by to too many distractions. When you are not in your comfort zone, your golf game will suffer. Like burrs under a saddle, nothing is quite right and even downright irritating to the point of distraction. However, Once you are in a settled and comfortable location, your golf game is clear as glass.
  • Comfortable and settled locations magnify your touch on the greens, fine tune your club selection, and reward you with crisp solid contact. Your technique borders on flawless. All the hours on the range, mirror work, and video analysis come to fruition. Your ideal locations often put you within reach of your personal bests and it feels great!
  • Absolute perfection is a fleeting perception, but for you, Virgo golfer, it is location, location, location. It puts you on target noticeably more than when you are in an incompatible location. In fact, you should consider relocating, or at least committing to extended periods of practice and coaching in a comfortable and settled location.
  • You are lucky, Virgo golfer, to be so receptive to locational influences. The key is to choose them, or at least know how to prepare for tour stops in challenging locations. The good news is that you can anticipate what to expect in any given location at any given time.

Virgo Golfer

  • We have mentioned the value of location in applying golf skills to your golf game, Virgo, and it is essential to your evolution in career golf. The other part of the equation is timing.
  • Virgo tends to stay a bit too long in the figurative classroom, thinking you need to ramp your technique a bit higher or spend some time with Stan Utley honing the arc in your putting stroke. Admirable intent indeed, but you have to remain aware of not getting sucked in to the kinds of heady preoccupations that took the wind out of the sails of Bob Tway and Bobby Clampett.
  • In your evolution as a golfer, Virgo, the timing for escaping the vacuum of trying to figure out golf tends to come sooner rather than later, so don’t miss it. Being in the right location minimizes theory addiction, but it is on you to close the manifesto and manifest.
  • At the end of the day, Virgo, it is about what you can do, not what you know. There is no substitute for real life golf encounters on the golf course. In the right location, this is pretty much automatic. In the wrong location, you are prone to the misconception that what you need to do to improve your game is in the hands of a swing coach to solve your problems once and for all.
  • Regardless of your skill level, a supportive location is a contributing factor to your growth and fine tuning, and for trusting yourself to consistently apply what you already know. A good location helps you see all the pieces of your game that need to be improved, and methodically go about doing just that. It’s so satisfying to see all the bits and pieces finally come together into a cohesive whole. Perhaps, the best news is that you can anticipate good locations before committing to them.

Virgo Golfer Strengths

  • Methodical
  • Laser beam perceptive
  • Cautious but actionable
  • Pragmatic
  • Organized
  • Reserved
  • Hard-working
  • Details are everything

Virgo Golfer Red Flags

  • Irritated to the point of distraction
  • Anxious and on-edge
  • Problems grow out of proportion
  • Unnecessary perfectionism
  • Caustic
  • Burdened by “shouldas” and “couldas”
  • 75%+ of all thoughts are critical or what’s wrong with…

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